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Birthdate:Sep 25
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
I'm 26 and was born in Sheffield, I'm a science fiction and fantasy fan. I've been through uni, and walked away with a degree in Classics and Archaeology. My pet subject is mythology, Norse mythology in particular. I also was a member of Regia Anglorum and am still a member of SHOGUN, where I do living history. I also role play with CONTACT. I also love attending conventions and often volunteer at Wolf Events and MCM Expo, and I help run (unofficial) LJ comms for wolf for those who wanna ask questions.

My Main fandoms were stargate atlantis, and stargate SG-1, but now are many and varied from NCIS to Due South, however in the fanon I slash McShep RayK/Fraser, Gibbs/dinozzo, eleven/rory steve/danno (H50 reboot) mostly. My fiction is housed here so you don't have to read it if you really don't want

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OLD Blurty entries are here

Emergency details for those who need it (it's flocked and bolted this post) here

Because of issues with work and posting on lj, my livejournal is flocked. If you want access, comment in the flocked post and let me know to add you etc.

Interests (137):

a1, agatha christie, agent dinozzo, agent gibbs, amanda tapping, anglo-saxon, anglo-saxons, anglosaxon, anglosaxons, atlantis, benton fraser, bill oddie, bless'd, brian froud, cadfael, captain jack harkness, cats, chesney hawkes, christian ingebrigtsen, coffee, comedy, crime fiction, crime traveller, daniel jackson, danny williams, dark is rising sequence, david hewlett, david nykl, dinozzo/gibbs, doctor who, doctor/rory, dorothy l sayers, dr rodney mckay, due south, dw, eleven/rory, emilie ullerup, fantasy, farscape, firefly, foreign languages, gibbs/dinozzo, graham garden, harry potter, hawaii 5-0, ianto jones, ianto/jack, jack/ianto, james spader, jeremy northam, jerry o'connell, jethro gibbs, joe flanigan, john sheppard, john sheppard/rodney mckay, jonathan brandis, jonathan creek, kavan smith, keane, kickboxing, labyrinth, latin, lord peter wimsey, luke de lacey, major lorne, mark harmon, mark read, matt damon, mcshep, micheal ende, micheal shanks, midsomer murders, murder mystery, mythology, nathan fillion, ncis, never ending story, new amsterdam, nikolaj coster-waldau, norman, norman re-enactment, normans, norse mythology, norway, paul marazzi, phantom of the opera, poirot, pop music, quantum leap, rachel wiesz, radek zelenka, radio comedy, rammstein, ray kowalski, rayk, re-enactment, red dwarf, reenactment, regia, regia anglorum, richard dean anderson, robin dunne, rory williams, rory/doctor, rory/eleven, rory/tardis, ryan robbins, sanctuary, sanctuary for all, sandra bullock, saxon, saxons, scandinavia, sean murray, seaquest, seaquest dsv, serenity, sg-1, sga, sga music videos, sheppard/mckay, sliders, stargate, stargate atlantis, stargate sg1, steve mcgarrett, steve/danno, steve/danny, susan cooper, tardis, the goodies, tim brooke-taylor, tony dinozzo, torchwood, viking, vikings, william corlett
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